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Types of Dental Brackets for Teeth Straightening January 11, 2019

Types of Dental Brackets for Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening Options for the Entire Family

We recognize the importance of a winning smile. But it’s not all about appearance – straighter teeth help in everything from chewing, talking and even sleeping, as teeth grinding can be an issue with misaligned teeth. We’ve taken our family-first approach to dental and orthodontic services to provide multiple teeth straightening options for the whole family. Here, it’s all about getting your smile back on track by choosing the dental brackets that are right for you.

Four Types of Dental Brackets for Straightening Teeth

To provide our patients the best orthodontic care, We are experts in the newest dental brackets technology. There are four types of braces to meet the needs and desires of our kid, teen and adult patients. Learn about our proprietary Acceledontics program; Ortho Plus, including Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Innovation; Lingual Orthodontics such as Incognito and traditional dental brackets including Wild Smiles.

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