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Length of Treatment of Invisalign June 03, 2018

Length of Treatment of Invisalign

The length of treatment depends on your situation and the type of Invisalign you are wearing. Typically, braces are worn from 18 to 24 months, though they are sometimes worn longer.

Metal braces work the best because they are made from the strongest materials. Ceramic braces, while strong and better looking, often take more time because they are not as strong as metal braces. Inside braces also can take more time to work effectively.

The treatment times with clear aligners vary. For example, Invisalign treatment, typically requiring 20 to 30 aligners for the upper and lower teeth, usually averages nine to 15 months to complete. ClearCorrect treatment times vary from 12 to 24 months and depends on the specific alignment problem; treatment for moderate cases requires 32 steps of treatment, delivered in eight phases, while minor cases require 12 steps of treatment, delivered in three phases.

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