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A Clean Mouth is a Happy Mouth March 07, 2018

A Clean Mouth is a Happy Mouth

As you know, keeping up with good oral hygiene is a big player for achieving a beautiful, healthy smile—especially during orthodontic treatment. By eliminating the need for elastic bands during treatment, self-ligating brackets make it much easier to maintain a healthy, clean smile. Here are a few reasons why:

Normal latex ties are notorious for easily trapping food. Without these types of elastic bands, you don’t have to worry about constantly looking in the mirror to make sure no leftovers are stuck in your smile

Elastic bands can easily become laced with plaque, which can be very difficult to clean and can potentially pose other health concerns. Without the bands, it’s more difficult for plaque to latch on

Latex has the potential to stain more quickly, which can lead to braces having an unsightly, discolored appearance. The lack of elastic bands on self-ligating brackets also keeps your smile looking healthy and stain-free throughout the duration of your treatment

In addition to keeping your smile food-, stain- and plaque-free during treatmen
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